Helmet Covers

Because there are so many new safety helmets being worn, we must have the exact size and manufacturer of the helmet to make a good fit. If you choose the aerodynamic fabric for the helmet cover, that solves the problem.

Most color rooms do not want to have to keep up with your helmet cover and they will not accept them at the track. We will gladly make the cover for you, but all jockeys have a large selection of covers that fit their helmet and prefer to wear their own. It is not a mandatory piece of equipment for you, the owner, to provide.



You will want to check with your trainer about blinkers. They come with full, semi or French cups in most colors. Your trainer will tell you what kind of cup he wants for each particular horse. They can be plain in your colors or with your design. We fasten these nylon blinkers with Velcro. The normal size fits almost all horses, but we do have an extra large for big stud horses and an extra small for little fillies.

Saddle Towels

We make a poly/cotton towel for everyday training purposes and some people want to have one with the name of their horse or stable on the corner. We make stable towels for trainers.

They are all of the smae high quality fabric we use for the racce track towels we provide for many tracks. They are 40" x 42" stakes size and can be had with or without binding and logos or designs on the corners.

They are washable in hot water and will provede years of service. We refer to them as the underwear for horses as it is essential that each horse have a clean towel under its saddle every time the horse is under tack.

Custom Embroidery

We have a complete computerized embroidery vendor available to us, BZB Embroidery in Comanche OK.  Sometimes we use that system to do the silks designs. Our digitizer is able to custom design your logo and we do many corporate shirts as well as customer shirts and caps. Just call and talk to us about your embroidery needs, or call Vickie at BZB Embroidery, 405-823-1674.



Design work and embroidery available.....Prices quoted upon request.

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